1. Don't trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar. My friend @elizstcosmetics posted this gem the other day and I cannot shake it. A really good reminder for those days when fact seems glued to feeling.

2. A water main break can release over 1600 gallons of water a minute. When a water main breaks and the water floods the street and the fire trucks come, the police arrive. The Water Department arrives. A search begins for where the shut-off valve is located. Under brush, in the street, between two trees. This goes on for quite a while until the right one is discovered. Once a path is cleared to the shut-off valve it is turned off by a very simple machine. A large metal rod is retrieved from a flatbed truck. Most likely 6 feet long with a cross bar at the top. On the end is a very large lug. This is lowered onto the underground valve. Two workers place the lug over the valve and then walk in a circle turning the key. After a few turns this shuts off the valve. The water slows and then eventually comes to a stop. There was so much that existed in watching this procedure. I am going to write about it at length as I am super surprised all that went on in the short span of about 30 minutes at 6 am on a Friday morning. Right now its' all marinating. But how splendid that there is such great richness in such an ordinary happening.

3. If the following numbers mean anything to you, you very well might know what we are in the process of watching. Again. 6, 7, 33, and 20. And it's just as good as the third time around.

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