Fox Field Notes

Part 4

Mr. Fantastic, as would have it, enjoys looking at and possibly considers purchasing a small selection of long handled garden tools that live behind a small space near our garbage cans. This morning I heard him climbing about again, the handles hitting each other as he moved between them, then possibly onto our compost bin to see if we had forgotten to bungee it shut. Better luck next time.

It seems he is still quite sure that we do not know how to feed ourselves, as evidenced by the rat he left us yesterday morning. Which very much resembled an episode of Game of Thrones than an actual rat. Yeah, it was super gross. After talking with a neighbor about the situation, he said in order to solve a similar problem on their property, he peed around the perimeter. It was suggested by a friend of his, who had, of course, a similar problem with foxes. The theory is that hormones in human male urine keep the foxes away. Sure. Also this is how rumors start. And sure, why not try it. So that's where we are now. The perimeter has been secured. Now we wait.

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