Fox Field Notes

Part 3

While our little foxy friend Mr. Fantastic has stopped leaving us "prizes" (by prizes I mean dead rodents. So gross) each morning, he appears to still be having quite a good time on our property. Things were quiet and we thought he had moved on (I learned most foxes will only stay in one place for about 2 weeks) but that doesn't seem to be the case. I think his little adventure has gone on for over a month or so. Turns out he moved from exploring our front yard to having fun on our back yard. I caught a glimpse of him yesterday morning roaming around the trees and climbing up and down our flower boxes. He likes to walk on top of the fence - we had boarded up and fenced areas that had space below it for him to scoot through., Turns out he just jumps up to the fence and walks along the top of it to the back slope where he can easily jump off and enter our yard. While he seems to use the back yard as a relaxation destination, I saw him early this morning before dawn chasing something on our front deck. He jumped off the side and scurried in the trees off the front slope. I guess what I've learned from Mr. Fantastic most is that if he wants to be in your yard, he will most certainly find a way to get in there. Over, under or through. Good lesson.

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