By the time I got out of bed at 6:15 this morning, my daughter had already made a fully functioning camera obscura from a tissue box, scrap of tracing paper, aluminum foil and electrical tape. She had been up since 5:15 working at the kitchen table, listening to science podcasts and designing a working pinhole camera from crap lying around the house. We call this, Tuesday. This life with my daughter is exciting and inspiring and magical. And also exhausting. It runs at a pace that is mentally and physically a sprint and a marathon all at once. And I am not a runner. It leaves me tired, anxious, and often empty at the end of the day. Truth be told, I have never been able to fully keep up. There is no pace that is my own right now. I do not match what is going on out there and I certainly don't match the pace I am forced to keep at home. I look back and laugh at the advice I've been given, that by a certain age things would calm down. Be less intense, less frenetic. I know by now that while well intentioned, most advice I've gotten, expert or not, has been bullshit. Maybe someday it will pan out to make sense, but for now, NOPE. And that's okay. But on the days when I wake up already tired because we are 2 or three science experiments into a day by 6 am it helps to remember that while the pace is not my own and I am being far outrun, I've still remained in the race. Cheering her on, creating safe spaces, and following her lead. Just one foot in front of the other.

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