1. “Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.” - Toni Morrison.

2. Today we said a final goodbye to our work horse of a truck. In 10 years we put over 125,000 miles on her. She was the car we had before becoming parents. The one that saw a few last wild years of staying up late and driving too far in one night on no sleep and too much coffee, just to listen to live music. We brought the kiddo home from the hospital in that car. Survived two significant accidents and a handful of fender benders. Weekend trips to Home Depot while renovating one home, then the next. Precarious trips across the Bay Bridge on windy days with treasures from Urban Ore tied to the roof with an intricate system of rope and bungee cord. Outside of Sherman the dog, it was the only present remains of our life before the kiddo. Soon everything will be after. And while there is growth, there is some loss in that too. We saved the license plate.

3. In fond memory of our neighbor George who passed yesterday. He and his wife were one of the early families to live in our small town full time and not just on weekends or summers. He lived in his sweet little house down the hill for over 45 years. George was a proud retired San Francisco Fire Fighter and would share stories of his SFFD days with my dad. Sometimes when we would walk by his house on our evening walk George would greet us with a bright yellow box of Nabisco Nilla Wafers. Thanks George, you will be missed.

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