Fox Field Notes

Part 1:

It seems we have a fox who is quite fond of us. After a few nights of not seeing the family of four humorously disrupting our deck and plants, the kiddo and I spent a few minutes with the most precocious of teen foxes this morning. As we were getting ready for school the little fella came prancing on the deck outside my studio windows with a rat in its mouth. With great pride he pranced around completely pleased with our gaze. He was so proud that it nearly distracted from the pure grossness of the whole event. It wasn't until he perched himself on our porch furniture (which I should say we had put away for a few weeks because the foxes had been hiding the pillows - we had literally just put it back out the night before) like a proud cat, did I go outside to chase him off the porch. As I walked on the deck to shoo him away he took once more tour of the deck prancing in front of the windows before he ran off with his prize. Foxes are hilarious. Also gross, but hilarious.

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