1. I like to read several books at once and right now my book pile is a little out of hand. I'm returning to a lot of analytic theory, which has been interesting to read outside of school and practice. I'm getting a lot more out of it this time around and without any deadlines, I'm really able to dive in. I find psychoanalytic theory so rich, that given the time, I could spend hours on a single page. Thinking about the theory presented and how it ties forward and back to other theories, my clinical experience, and where we sit currently, ends up looking like one of those maps that serial killers create with strings and pushpins circling entire neighborhoods. I end up with three or four books open at a time cross referencing with highlighters, pencil marks in the margins and a legal pad covered in chicken scratch. Currently I'm mapping out Melanie Klein - Envy and Gratitude, Tom Ogden - Conversations at the Frontier of Dreaming, and Christopher Bollas - The Mystery of Things.

2. Also in my book pile is Serving the Servant - Danny Goldberg. It's a book about his friendship with Kurt Cobain, who much to my surprise I have thought about consistently since his death 25 years ago. Most likely because his music hit me just as I was beginning to go through adolescence and later on as I had become focused on working with teens in crisis, it seemed he was always in the ether. The book is interesting and full of mind blowing facts about Nirvana's reach and their impact on music. There is a chart in the introduction that lists the most downloaded streams worldwide on Spotify since its launch in 2008. The list is full of names and songs you would recognize from Madonna to N.W.A to U2. The single most streamed song worldwide coming ahead of number 2 by 30 million is Smells like Teen Spirit at 387 million. Whoa. Nirvana truly managed to create a language that we all could understand. And to have done so as barely older than teens themselves, is remarkable.

3. Also, still working on that Michael Pollan book, How to Change Your Mind. It's nothing short of fascinating.

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