On Practice

I am slowly going over each and every entry in this project thus far. This is entry 1,105, so yeah, that's a lot. It's been a very interesting experience, reviewing a three year continuing body of work. If I am to look at these images as art, then this is officially the largest body of work I've ever completed. I don't love all of it, hate a big chunk of it, but it has been an incredible exercise in letting go and the freedom in a set of hard rules and constraints for a body of work. As I am reviewing the images in particular, to my eye, it looks like it took me until around day 265 to even begin to visually understand what I was doing. That's 265 days in. 100 days short of a year, creating an original image every single day. I can see the composition changing, and the visual language of the work starting to make sense around then. About 1,000 days later, I think I've gotten it. I can make more deliberate decisions, take risks, and it all seems to make sense to my eye. But that's a shit load of practice. Every single day. So if being an artist is really about practice, then yes, it takes a lot. All this time, all the decisions, all the practice with composition and being behind a camera lies on top of years of dedicated study to photography. In school, and in my daily business. We can go back to 1995. So know that it takes time. A lot. And if it doesn't then you are very lucky, or maybe you haven't dug in deep enough and your greatest potential has yet to be. Either way, if this language of art is the air that you breath, the big secret is JUST. KEEP. GOING.

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