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1. Strength. Don't lose sight of exactly how strong you are. Sometimes it is important to remember what you've lived through.

2. Mr. October. In 1977 the Yankees won their first World Series since 1962. Reggie Jackson had a record breaking series, overall playing phenomenally, and scoring 3 home runs in game six. When asked how he accounted for his incredible achievements that night, he talked about pitching. The pitcher liked to pitch inside and Reggie doesn't like to hit inside. To account for this he simply stepped as far away from the plate as he could while remaining in the batters box, so he didn't have to hit inside. Just a few steps in one direction made a huge impact. This is important to remember. Sometimes it really is that simple.

3. I know winter is coming when I wake up, put on a knit hat, and don't take it off until bedtime.

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