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1. Really listening. When it comes to music I am at fault for only getting half the message. There is something about the sound of each word paired to music that makes the magic for me and I have never really paid close attention to the story the lyrics tell. I have been practicing appreciation for songs in their entirety lately and it has really blown my mind. As I revisit favorite songs and listen to the meaning of their words for the first time I sit in amazement. It's a whole different way of listening.

2. Community loss. Marin is small and anonymity is hard to find. When there is a loss in the community it is felt wide and deep. Being connected in this way makes all the feelings more intense sometimes. We are all interconnected, but in small bunches all the feels run deep. Today, the heart aches.

3. Sometimes not stepping in dog shit means your day can take a whole different path. Woo hoo! Win one for this lady!!

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