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1. Things are going to be very baseball-centric around here for a while. I'm not sorry. Go Giants!! #beliEVEN

2. My dad worked closely with Major League Baseball over the years and every once in a while he would score me some pretty sweet autographs at MLB events. This ball is signed by Steve Howe, Gaylord Perry, and two other players who I cannot identify. I tried for a while to day to figure it out, but no luck. Any thoughts on where to go? Who to ask?

3. Connor Gillaspie was born on July 18, 1987. He was drafted by the Giants as the 37th first round pick in the 2008 draft. His first Major League hit was in September of 2008. Gillaspie was then sent back down to the minors and later played for the Chicago White Sox and then the Angels. In early 2016 the Giants, once again signed Gillespie, this time to a minor league deal. He was called up in April of 2016 and showed up for work last night with a game winning home run.

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