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1. I visited my local Police Department today to report some interesting activity I spotted near a local school. I went in with a long list of reasons why I thought there was a safety concern, and even practiced a few times before speaking with an officer. After listening to my full explanation as to why I thought this situation was of concern, the officer looked at me and said, "Mam, I agree. Quite simply, the activity you describe is illegal. We will enforce the law." My mind just doesn't work this way, so the officer's answer was a bit mind melting. Wow. That's it. It's illegal, we will enforce the law. Whoa. Interesting indeed.

2. In yoga class this morning, my instructor told us about a recent study that found 50 year olds who have practiced at least 10 minutes of daily meditation for the past 20 years have the same amount of grey matter as a 20 year old. That seem like an insanely small amount of time to commit to mental longevity. Bring on the Om.

3. I'm still obsessed with baseball. Nothing new here. I'm hoping for a Giants win.

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