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1. At the time of the fall equinox we are the the highest tension between life and death. The abundance and life of summer is pushing right against the decay of autumn and the eventual deaths of winter. I had never thought of the equinox as being a time of such great tension, but this makes a lot of sense. You all feeling it too?

2. In yoga class my teachers always ask that we dedicate our practice that day to something. It occurred to me this morning that I almost always choose to let go of something, or wish to move on from something, or that a feeling or a situation wasn't there. I thought today I would try wishing to add more of something. I dedicated my practice to the asking for of abundance. I am beginning to think the best way to let go of something is to ask for more of something else.

3. Radiohead. It has been a while. So good. So good!

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