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1. A taste of happiness. I hope someday Patton Oswalt is able to write a book about grief. In a sense he already is. His transparency about the feelings of intense and incredible grief surrounding the death of his wife has been inspiring and also gut wrenching to witness. Patton was on Conan the other night and he talked about how he imagines that for a while he will only experience what he calls a "taste of happiness." This really resonated with me. There is true happiness that you feel with your whole mind and body and then the taste of happiness. The knowing that something should make you happy, a similar experience once made you happy, but now all that you can grasp from it is a quick taste. Like it hits your tongue and then is gone. That's some deep shit. 

2. Don't be afraid to fully embrace the gifts you have to give. Just don't. I know it's hard, but let's agree together to do it.

3. I am deeply satisfied by a level of organization that I cannot achieve. Spreadsheets, drawer dividers, neatly folded laundry. Not within my realm of expertise, but I love to witness it.

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