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1. The only problem I've ever had with acting is that it's too easy to fake. At times I wish it were a more precise thing... like tightrope walking. That way all the assholes would fall off and die. - Constantin Stanislovski

This quote made me laugh today. I know I often feel this way about my line of work too, even though I don't like to admit it.

2. Balance is a son of a bitch. For real. In yoga class all week the focus has been on the fall equinox and calling upon the idea of balance in our body and mind. If you know me, you know I think balance is bullshit. More precisely a myth sold pretty much exclusively to women. The only time my husband has ever mentioned the word balance is if he has fallen on the floor and has lost his. It's all more like a juggle. With knives. On fire.

3. I heard Ethan Hawke say the quote in #1 on The Late Show today and was reminded that I used to have a huge crush on Ethan Hawke. When I was 17 and visiting NYU for a college interview, Ethan ran right into me while he was jogging around Washington Square Park. I mean right into me. I was walking to my interview and had to wipe his sweat off my arm. Ya know because he grabbed it while trying to stop me from falling. We did one of those little dances you do around another person when you run right into them and you both try not to fall down. I have zero memory of what happened in that interview. I'm good with that.

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