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1. Sometimes I get really sick of being so God damn flexible. This morning I decided to be completely inflexible about one single thing. Yoga. I practice yoga at 8 am 5 days a week. Either in class or at home. I am allowing myself to be a stubborn ass about one thing. The end.

2. I was interviewed for a podcast today and we got to talking about the realities of being an artist. It occurred to me that while being an artist is not the most steady path in terms of finances, I think once you get to middle age, everyone is waist deep in the shit all the same. Whether it's just paying off your college loans to go right back into debt again because your car broke down, or you have a sick pet, your sewer line exploded, your kid grew out of their soccer cleats for the second time this year, or you just lost your job, we are all swimming in the deep end now. The glamorous life of adult swim.

3. Oriental Trading Company has Jesus themed halloween decorations. I kid you not. That's some seriously devotional shit right there.

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