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1. Allen Iverson is amazing. When Iverson burst onto the scene in 1996 I didn't pay much attention. Those were the days of Michael Jordan, and being from New York, Philadelphia was just a smaller city in a land locked state that the Knicks had to move through in the Eastern Conference to make the playoffs. My life was pretty Knicks-centric those days, when it wasn't all about Mike. That being said, looking back AI was an incredible player. To cross over Michael Jordan is magical. To do it at 21 years old and your first year in the NBA is epic. Congrats on the Hall of Fame #3.

2. Tracy Ellis Ross for the win. To celebrate her Emmy nomination Tracy's Mom, another one of my favorite women, Diana Ross, took out a full page ad in the Hollywood reporter announcing the nomination. Adorable + awesome.

3. Stillness can live alongside everything. Action, anger, growth, sorrow, energy, all of it. Interesting to think about finding that place in the body where stillness lives, where peace lives, when we are feeling other things so strongly. We are never exclusively feeling one thing, which I often forget.

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