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1. Foxes climb trees. I wouldn't believe this unless I had seen it with my own two eyes. I've been playing hide and seek for a few weeks with what I thought was a single fox on our property. Early this morning I saw him again, this time with a friend. They were chasing each other all around the yard, under fences, over plants, and through obstacles like watering cans and broken pots. As they made their way to the back of the yard they sprung from the ground and jumped onto a pair of enormous pine trees. We all just stood there with our mouths open. Neat.

2. More often than not there are simultaneous multiple truths. It takes me a few deep breaths to remember this one.

3. Headstands are good, even if your headstand is a shoulder stand and you can't get your legs off the ground. Ever. It's good for your body to have to find equilibrium upside down. To literally entirely change your perspective. All the while trying to remember that your headstand is just as meaningful as an actual headstand. Make that, is an actual headstand. Sigh.

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