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1. Practice and rigidity. I require many things in order to be healthy and feel good. Totally high maintenance, plus I am a sensitive soul in all the ways. I used to feel that all the things I do to feel good; the food I eat, the vitamins I take, and exercise, etc., were a burden, and my success at living with so many restrictions was a result of me being extremely rigid. About a year ago, my yoga teacher flipped the whole scenario on me and said, "that's a practice, not rigidity. There is a difference." Major grey matter melt after that one. The difference? A practice is a choice, made and confirmed daily, and an act that due to daily practice improves over time. Rigidity is just being a stubborn asshole :)

2. Hula-hooping is super fun! I hula-hooped today in the park after a lesson from an experienced hula-hooper. I tried to do it last year and couldn't, but after endless hours of yoga, I picked up that hoop and nailed it on the first try. It felt awesome! Also, hula-hooping has nothing to do with the hula. It is a back and forth motion, not a side to side.

3. Find the nearest friend who remembers how to make those folded paper fortune tellers from grade school. Sit outside for a few hours and have some fun.

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