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1. The practice of enoughness leads to the blossoming of abundance. Yeah, I went to yoga this morning. I love all this, I really do, but I just don't feel it all in my bones yet. It is really, really hard to feel like enough right now. Practically impossible outside of the yoga studio. So for now I'll just go ahead and say it and practice it, as they say, in the hopes that someday I wake up feeling it in my body.

2. Some mystics believe that it takes many lifetimes for a gift to manifest. A musician like Jimi Hendrix came to be after many, many generations of people passed giving refinement to what would become his gift. Neat.

3. There is a story, from what I researched today it appears to be untrue, that the astronauts who landed on the moon brought an acorn with them and forgot to plant it. Would have been cool, right?

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