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1. The real practice is out THERE. Anything is easier in a controlled environment, but when you get your ass out there on the field, it's a whole different ballgame. I think this falls true with self care. Intent is meaningful, but until you are able to care for yourself on the most chaotic of days, it's all minor league. It takes a whole lot of practice to show up in the clutch with ease, and this goes for taking care of ourselves too. I find this endlessly frustrating.

2. Humans and chimpanzees share 98.8% of the same DNA. Let that one sink in. You can read more here. This says a lot for small changes though. That 1.2% difference is pretty damn significant. Here's to making seemingly small, teeny tiny changes that can make a significant impact.

3. At some point in the very near future, my husband and I will both have lived in California longer than we have on the east coast. Do you ever become from somewhere else?

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