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1. What if your present hard work and passion were only preparation for something mysterious on the horizon? The answer to this could be all things, but the question came to mind today during my yoga practice. In yoga, the practice of a sequence of asanas or poses is seen as preparation for meditation. This blows my mind every time I think about it. All the movement, sweat, and even gains from the practice of asanas are only to prepare the body and mind for meditation. I'm terrible at meditation. Seriously, I might be a total meditation fail, but the idea of a practice being about something greater made me think of my grandfather. Papa Joe was a devout Catholic and when he was faced with major heart surgery in his late 80's, he decided to write the family a letter in case he passed away during his surgery. He survived, but when we read the letter nearly 6 months later after his death, the most striking part to me was his relationship with God. He believed that his life was merely preparation for his death, which for Papa Joe was ultimately going home to God. He was at complete peace with death because it meant going home. Faith and devotion are new ideas to me. I'm learning and endlessly fascinated.

2. Sometimes we wait for what seems like ages on the starting blocks only to realize someone changed the race on us entirely while we were listening for the starting pistol. Ready, set, wait. The worst.

3. Jupiter has at least 67 known moons. Last count anyway.

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