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1. We are born perfect and with all we will ever need. We spend our lives retracing steps to get back to that moment of understanding our own true divinity. This is more yoga speak and something I am trying as hard as I possibly can to hold on to each day. Imagine having devotion for yourself? Complete love, adoration and bliss for you? I understand all the reasons why this is such a great way of thinking to adopt, but I just don't feel it in my bones. As hard as I try to believe it with all of me, I just don't, not yet anyway. Tomorrow is another chance.

2. Development is a life long process. Crazy, right?! All the stuff your kids are going through that is driving you nuts that once you get a handle on they will be over and on to the next thing? Yeah, we do ALL that too. It just feels a little different as adults. Hopefully we don't throw ourselves down on the ground in Target because of thoughts and feelings we are having that we don't understand, but then again, is acting like a moody adult really any more helpful than an all out Target tantrum?

3. I have a friend who hiked the Adirondack Trail about 20 years ago. When we first met he was telling me he ate more Snickers Bars on that hike than he ever thought possible. I was surprised to learn that a candy bar was the food of choice for such an adventure. Turns out at the time there was no such thing as a Cliff Bar and Snickers were the most calorie dense food one could bring on a trip where packing light was of critical importance. When I asked him today, given all the energy bars and protein supplements around now, would he still choose Snickers, he answered, "Hell yes." There you have it.

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