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1. Shit always hits the fan this time of year. I learned this from a favorite psychoanalytic supervisor during training many years ago and it always crosses my mind as we begin the transition from summer to fall. I was working at a university counseling center at the time, Hurricane Katrina had just devastated Louisiana, and there had already been numerous crisis incidents on campus even though we were just a week in to the school year. I thought about this again today when I read of the horrific flooding in Louisiana, the growing anxiety in my house as we get ready to return to school, and all that occurs on a daily basis in this insane election year. My supervisor's idea is that a social and cultural anxiety blooms this time of year and whether we know it or not, all of us are susceptible to the academic calendar and this anxiety becomes much larger than ourselves. It works through us, animals, weather, and the world at large. I always appreciated this very wide focus. Not that it makes me feel better about any of it, but sometimes it's comforting to take a very distant and wide look at something.

2. John Lennon was 25 years old when he wrote the lyrics to In My Life. This just blows my mind. I doubt at my age I can even understand all the emotional depth the song offers. To be 25 and write that is what it means to be touched by the stars.

3. Baseball makes me incredibly happy. This is nothing new, but sometimes I forget the simple things that make me really, really happy. I went to a game today to celebrate the last day of summer and damn, it was goooooood. Officially putting Giants seasons tickets on my wish list.

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