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1."Be who you are and may you be blessed in all that you are." My Mother-in-law who I very much adore, gifted my daughter a wooden jewelry box with this quote from the Torah carved in the top. I had never heard it before and was so taken with the quote I quickly took the box and put it on my desk. I have no intention of giving it back. I look at it everyday and right before I hit send on a really big email, launch a new collection, speak at a conference or do anything that makes me wonder if I am going to pee from excitement or vomit from anxiety, I recite the quote quietly to myself. I feel like I learn this in new ways each day.

2. Most of the time when an article reports statistics, the numbers are likely based on reported cases. For example, when an article cites that a certain number of people prefer dogs over cats, the stats refer to people who reported a preference. I bring this up not only to remind myself that some statistics which seem disturbing even at a first glance, if combined with non-reported numbers would be incredibly horrifying, but to also understand that when determining a need based on numbers it's a good idea to assume the need is greater than is being reported.

3. "Please throw that away, it has poop on it," is not something I thought I would be saying as much as I do.

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