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1. Lying down and not being asleep is totally underrated. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to just lay still without having to worry about sleeping.

2. A rough approach, doesn't mean you can't nail the landing. Each year this time of the summer creeps up on me. No matter how I plan, or prepare, I end up at the end of the summer feeling completely depleted and depressed. Summers are great and then they are not. It is endless effort trying to juggle work and camp schedules and make special family time. It makes me completely crazy to be honest. And then I start to think about school starting and how old my wee one is getting and how fast the time goes by. Lot's of ups and downs, false starts, and tantrums, both of us! Still, we manage to get through it with me in the captain's seat. There's turbulence through the entire approach. ENTIRE APPROACH. But the landing is always smooth.

3. I don't think I've ever said, "I hate that tree." I don't think I ever will.

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