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1. Ahimsa. Ahimsa. Ahimsa. All day long. Ahimsa is the yoga principle of practicing nonviolence toward all living things, including the self. Treating myself with true and deep nonviolence is a constant, daily challenge. Sometimes minute by minute. I made the commitment about a year ago to stop treating my body violently, pushing it beyond its capacity, and being angry at it for not always feeling good, not always looking how I want it to look, and taking longer than I want to exhibit change. When I start to visit those places now, I take a deep breath and remember that my body is amazing for all the reasons, even the ones I'm not so excited about.

2. A polite no is worth more than a half assed yes. A polite no can be everything. I say no a lot and, hear no a lot. I received the most lovely and polite no today from a designer I really admire and the honesty and kindness of the correspondence made me a fan for life.

3. Always follow up. ALWAYS. If someone is even remotely interested in what you have to offer, the first thing they write in their response is, "thank you so much for following up." Sometimes emails and packages get lost in the shuffle of a crazy inbox or a cluttered desk. It is nothing personal, just what happens in the daily life of a business. I'm always grateful when someone takes the time to follow up and I have become a lot less shy about following up on my end. It's all about finding a language that feels true to you and just going for it.

What did you learn today? Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.

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