7 . 3 1 . 1 6

1. ME SHE HE WE. I wrote this down in huge letters on my desk this morning. I forget, pretty much every single day, that this is the correct order of things. I get so easily steered off course sometimes by work, motherhood, and a million little things that if I don't have a reminder right in front of my face I end up at the bottom of the list. And I've learned that I'm no good to anyone else unless I take good care of myself.

2. "Your problem is you think you shouldn't have any problems." Whoa. A good friend posted this Tony Robbins quote on her Facebook page today. I'm not really in to the whole motivational speaker scene, but this quote definitely got me thinking.

3. "Why do we have two lungs?" This was an early morning question from my daughter that kind of blew my mind. I had never even thought about it. I found an interesting answer on Forbes, that I recommend reading in its entirety. The short of it is of course evolution. We have two lungs in order to meet the body's need for oxygen and to follow the symmetrical design of the body, which apparently requires a great number of genetic mutations to fight against. Neat.

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