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1. Root down to rise up. This is a common phrase in the yoga world and I heard it yet again this morning in class. Physically, root down to rise up refers to each asana starting with a solid foundation and rooting your feet into the mat in order to rise up and create length in the body. On another level it speaks to the necessary grounding and commitment in order to rise up, change, and transform. You need to really get down into the thick of it in order to move through something and create change.

2. I spent the better part of my life knowing very little about organized religion. It has only been in the past year, after my daughter started attending a school with a religious affiliation, that I became really curious, and with the help of her school theologian, began to ask a lot of questions. This past spring to celebrate Lent he offered to send a daily reading to those interested. Since I know very little about Lent and the Bible in general, I happily accepted. I was particularly touched by a reading he sent along with notes on the resurrection. He refers to Jesus calling prayer wakefulness - "blessed is the one who stays awake!" On the eve of his crucifixion, Jesus pleaded with his disciples to stay awake with him, sadly they fall asleep and he is then led to his death. I had never heard this part of the story before and imagined the heartbreak of asking people to stay watchful with you, wakeful with you, and witness them fall into slumber. I was reminded of this today when reflecting on the events of the last few months. Bear wakeful witness.

3. We are resistant for a reason. Ugh. It is more productive to face resistance with curiosity, but that doesn't make it any easier!

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