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1. Between the 1960's and 1995, the Grateful Dead played an estimated 2,300 shows. That's commitment.

2. Don't be afraid to tell someone what is going on with you. I learned this about a year ago when a friend told me she always tells people about her path to wellness. She said she has learned more about her health through casual conversations with friends and acquaintances than through her own research and doctor visits. I was reminded of this today when a friend reached out with a small business concern. I had a similar frustration earlier in the week and knew instantly how to help. The whole exchange took 5 minutes and I saved her an entire afternoon of misery, all because she simply reached out.

3. The average American woman has a shoe size ranging from 8.5 - 9. This is 2 whole sizes larger than the average shoe size back in 1960, which was 6.5. The account for this growth is simply our growth in both height and weight. There is no Darwinian advantage to having larger feet, it is the body's way to support our modern day body types, which are taller and larger. I'm not sure why I find this stuff fascinating but I do. You can read more here.

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