What if the world was an introductory course? Psych 101. Biology 101. Algebra 101. What if we could learn hostage negotiation tactics just for fun? There is so much to be learned from dipping our toes in a subject. This prompt was inspired by this beautiful little moth. I actually photographed her when she was still alive! She was resting by our front door and I slowly placed a white piece of paper down next to her. I waited nearby catching up on a little gardening. I never imagined she would actually climb right on. I grabbed my camera, took a few shots and then walked away. I noticed about 20 minutes later, she had gone. Such an incredible moment! I have managed to photograph some dozen different moths, yet I know nothing about them. I think it's time I found out a little more about these curious creatures. I'll be using this prompt to brush up on my nonexistent entomology skills to learn more about their habits, diet and identification. What fun!

This prompt is rather simple and straightforward. Think of any topic. The less relevant it is to your professional life the better. This is not skill building. Just some good old fashioned fun exploratory learning. Want to know more about mushrooms? Tarot? Car Mechanics? How about knife sharpening? Biochemical engineering? The water table? The solar system? Basic biology? The Ottoman Empire? How to survive a zombie attack? There's a class on that too! With access to so many wonderful online learning resources you can revisit those old 101 classes and learn something entirely new. A few favorites are Masterclass, Creative Live, The Great Courses and Creative Bug. There are so many others! And now is a great time to browse online courses. Many sites are offering two for one deals, along with free classes . Your local library might even be currently offering online classes. Do a little research. Pick something and just start. And then, will you please share it with us? Use the These Three Things model to record three things you learn each day on your extracurricular adventures! Make it fun. And share the joy!

What did you learn today? Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.