I have always found it fascinating that art and medicine start from the same place. An art class syllabus almost always includes Gray's Anatomy. I was 13 when I received my first edition, there would be many more over the years. At the same time I received my first Gray's my Aunt, who was just starting medical school, received her's. She would also have many different editions before she became a family physician. People who don't practice art are often surprised that art is based on science. The true dreamers and artists of ingenuity birthed modernism because they had a clear and accurate understanding of how things move, work, and look. Matisse could only create his beautifully simple abstract dancers because he knew the science behind their bodies. Any simplification and abstraction in art is based on an intimate knowledge of accuracy and precision. You can't get there without knowing the details. I supposed medicine is similar. I remember how surprised I was when I became pregnant that with all the technology and medical advancements there was still a large part of what was going on with my body that was a roll of the dice. I suppose doctors, much like artists must have intimate knowledge of the details so they can understand the abstractions that occur with every single one of us living in a unique and ever changing body. We are all artists of sorts, painting each other out of corners.

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