Records have always been the focal point of our family room. Before we even had kids, the Dude and I always had stacks of records, stereos, record players, and speakers all over whatever room happened to have enough space for listening and lounging. There is the sound, of course. Gritty, weighted with pitch, but it's the album cover art that has always held my fascination. How to boil down sometimes years of work into one image. The stakes are high. We have a large collection of records and a stack that we rotate that sits right beside the record player. We have a fancy one that hasn't seen the light of day in about 10 years. We have an inexpensive one with built in speakers that is easy for small hands to manipulate. While our collection includes original presses and rare cuts, the rotating stack has doubles, reprints, and the kiddo's picks. Whether it's chosen by music or album cover art, anything goes when we visit the record store. Shopping for records happens on late Saturday afternoons after a visit to the skateboard shop. I've missed that. On our last trip we picked up this Blondie album.

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