About a decade ago when I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband began working an East Coast schedule. This is a common occurrence in California and many people work earlier in the day to match the business hours of those in New York City. For him this meant leaving the house around 5 am, but also getting home around 3 pm. These hours ended up being ideal with an infant and enabled the Dude to take paternity leave later, when my daughter was old enough to finally realize there were other people around besides boobs. Since then, a couple of night owls have transformed to early birds. Luckily we had already become accustomed to an early start. As it turns out our daughter is a rise and shine and hit the day like a comet screaming through the sky kind of person. She will probably never need coffee. At some point, with the early morning stroller walks that then turned into bus stops and now car pool, I just started wearing full on dresses to bed. I love the ease of leaving the house and just throwing on a big bulky sweater and a pair of Birkenstocks. And when your day starts like a rocket launch at 5 am, it's nice not to have to change right away to leave the house. I have become 100% the suburban mom I so once feared. But, fear is good. So here it is, one version of a dress of which I have in several colors that I wear as pajamas so when the countdown starts I can be ready to face the day in 5,4,3,2,1...

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