If you grew up in New York in the 70's you probably had a Madame Alexander doll. And that doll probably sat in a glass front cabinet that you could never touch. It was a thing. I'm still unsure why. But they were beautiful and each little doll came with a theme and a lovely detailed outfit with perfect little shoes. My mom had a collection of three of the little dolls when she was growing up and when I was a little girl, her three were added to a small collection of my own that started with Little Miss Muffet. You know the one who sat on a tuffet. When my mom was little, there were patterns you could buy to make your own clothes for your Madame Alexander dolls. My Nona was an incredible seamstress and made a doll closet full of the most gorgeous little clothes for my mom's dolls. This dress is one of the pieces my mom kept and my daughter now uses it as a barbie dress over jeans and Barbie style Dr. Martins. It reminds me that there are certain classic fits that never go out of style.

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