I wore this outfit as part of a pantsuit to cast my vote in 2016. When I think back to that time and where we are now, today, I get easily overwhelmed. It's a lot. A LOT. I began the THESE THREE THINGS PROJECT just a few months before I wore this outfit. I suppose it's a good thing to know what gets you through. And if you don't, I suppose it's hard right now to have the curiosity to figure it out. That's the nice thing about a daily practice. You just do it. One foot in front of the other. Most of it hardly makes sense in the beginning, but sooner or later patterns emerge and clarity presents itself. It becomes a numbers game. Following the laws of physics. Out of our hands, really. You do something enough, create the numbers, the repetition, the act of doing - even if that act is doing nothing, order emerges. It happens with chaos, believe it or not. More acts, more data, more potential meaning. It's a matter of viewing things from a narrow focus and a wide focus all at the same time. There is a natural tendency to buck this potential for order, especially right now. But in negating anything and everything right now, we are taking part in a practice too. Practice isn't about the glossy, pretty, gratitude of everything. I wouldn't recommend that. Practice is allowing ourselves a moment of acknowledgement. If that moment of acknowledgement is that right now sucks, that's just as important and valid as noticing value. What I hope for all of us is that we can experience both the sucks and the value over time. It's a lot to expect that we can feel it all in one moment, one day, or one week. That's the physics of it.

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