This set of wrenches belonged to my grandfather Kingston. I write about him a lot here. He was a very interesting man. Quiet. Very Norwegian. No one made him laugh harder or come alive more than his wife, Zelma. He was her best audience and happily captivated by her never ending carousel. Privately, he would spend a great deal of time seated on a stool at an old drafting table in their garage tinkering with glass and wood, anything that needed to be fixed or figured out. He was great at figuring things out. With one quick look he could find the missing puzzles pieces that everyone else has spent half the afternoon looking for. My ada kept a lot of his tools an it is still unclear as to what belonged to Kingston and what belonged to Kingston's father. Everything looks used and well worn and most of the tools are handmade. I'm unsure about the origin of this wrench set. I know Kingston had it, then my father, but it could hold more history than that. While It has been used many times since both of them, the set like all the other family tools has never been fully cleaned of debris. There's sawdust and little pieces of projects from a history of use.

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