This brush belonged to my grandfather on my father's side. It was Kingston's shop brush and he used it to sweep sawdust from the top of his work table. It became my dad's eventually and then mine a few years ago when my dad found it in an old tool box that had spent years in storage. It sat on my work table for a longtime, not put to much use until recently. I'm not sure what it is about the slow and methodical act of sweeping, but it is a joy I have discovered during this shelter in place. I like the quietness of it, the smooth motion, the slow and steady progress. Not only do I now sweep my work table and desk each day, but I also sweep my studio floors and entire house. I always preferred a vacuum especially due to our home being somewhat of a bringing the outdoors in kind of place. Between our front and back doors exists a constant path of pine needles, leaves, bits of dirt and small reminders that we are constantly going outside. I'm not sure why the sudden change in habits. It takes a much longer time to sweep than to vacuum. But then again, what's the rush?

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