These laundry pegs belonged to my grandmother. The one who is good at finding matches. She’s also incredibly neat and is capable of keeping very old and fragile things in immaculate condition. At 96 years old, herself included. My mom passed them along to me after their California move. The pegs, of which there are actually three times as many pictured here, were still in their laundry bag. I’ve never seen such a device, but it’s a soft plastic coated material shaped sort of like an igloo that hangs from a long piece of metal that curves into two hooks. The hooks hang on a clothesline and the opening is easily accessible while hanging laundry. I keep them in the bag on a hook behind the washroom in my studio. When my mom presented me with the bounty I was unsure how the clothespins would be put to use. It turns out when you have useful items like this around you find endless uses for them. Everything from keeping late night snack bags closed, to holding a nail, to organizing paperwork, to product photography props. Keeping them was a good lesson in trusting the need appreciated by others. A good lesson to ponder.

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