I was working on a writing project earlier today and thinking about the time line of inspiration. I was writing about an experience I has in 2003 that very much influenced the photography I create now. At the time the experience had a feeling, but I never imagined it would pop back up nearly two decades later as a major influence. I love that about art, and inspiration, and creativity. They can be sort of a time machine.

When I purchased this sculptural portrait at the Alameda Flea Market nearly 12 years ago, I only knew that it spoke to me. I couldn't place why. I just liked it. And that was enough. For the past 12 years, through three houses, and many changes, it has held a prominent spot in our bookcase. Surrounded by first edition books and our most favorite records. I've wondered a lot about it. If the girl reminded me of anyone. A time and place. Perhaps one of the Von Trapp children.

It wasn't until this afternoon that my connection became clear. At the time I think it was of incredible importance to me to see a happy child. I spent much of my career working with kids. Understanding their hardships. Seeing them struggle. And then they would be gone. A lot of the time they returned to not so great situations. Other times they were lucky. In either case, I never knew the end of the story. Many of those kids are now adults. Perhaps they have children of their own. A job they like. A partner that adores them. I think my connection to this portrait was out of a need to hold space for their ending. Or perhaps their beginnings. Either way, they are held and their resilience celebrated in her optimistic face.

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