The Dude found this antler on our property before we moved in. In the last 6 years we've had quite an interesting history with deer. For three years straight we had a fawn born by the back ridge of our yard. First born, they are no larger than a football and just about the cutest things you've ever seen. The deer who visit with us have unusually large pink ears that stick out like giant saucers. They look different than the deer even one town over. The ones here are brown and less grey. Also a bit more husky. So interesting how that happens that within even a few miles the features of an animal can change and become regional. We love having the visitors, despite the obvious issues like ticks and the fact that they eat absolutely everything. They are sweet and curious and we love to watch them grow each season. The rest underneath our juniper when it's hot and stand in the driveway when we are not home. They watch us through the windows and I'm pretty sure laugh at the dogs, who I am sure think the deer are on charge. That might indeed be the case.

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