Coffee and tea the breakfast of champions. I used to drink a ton of coffee. Back in college, a group of guy friends lived a block away from a Wawa. If you don't know Wawa, it's a chain of convenient stores across Pennsylvania. Think of it as a level up from 7-11 with a grill and a cook. You could get a fresh grilled cheese or breakfast sandwich 24 hours a day right along with your 42 ounce soda, or in my case a 32 oz half french vanilla half cappuccino flavored coffee. Perfect for college kids and stoners of all ages. Did I mention they also had donuts?! OMG gross. But also, OMG so good. My sophomore year, I do not think there was a day that passed where I did not pay a visit to that Wawa. You could guess it was either due to a lot os studying, or a lot of drug use. Maybe both? I'll let you decide.

I stopped drinking coffee around 2008 when we were trying to get pregnant. I missed it immediately, but was able to find comfort in replacing my morning coffee with tea. I'm still a big tea drinker, but a few years ago I eliminated caffeine, so now it's all about the golden milk. Which I really love and have tried a million different coconut milks to finally land on Native Forest Unsweetened Simple Coconut Milk. So good. So good. Like good enough for me to not miss caffeine good.

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