The contents of my daughter's sock drawer. My daughter is 100% California kid. I find it hilarious that such a California kid was the product of two supremely East Coasters. But that's the way the apple falls, I guess. She was born here and very much reflects the blond, beach loving, freewheeling attitude stereotypically associated with a California girl. She skateboards and does the whole short shorts with calf height socks and Van's. As a fashion statement it's quite adorable and I love the genderlessness of it. Depending upon your personality the skateboarding look can vary just slightly if even, between genders. There is a fluidity to the look that very much echos the movement and requirements of the sport. It's difficult, dangerous, and also incredibly creative. If you are in, you are in and that means falling down far more than you stay upright. The failure rate is often 100%. It's expected and as an endeavor, such failure requires a community of support, respect, and gentle cheerleading. You want to see others succeed, so you can study how they pulled it off without falling flat on their face. Failure is a good life lesson, especially in skateboarding where part of the fun is in the fail.

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