Book covers are a lot like album covers to me, and I often enjoy choosing a book based entirely on its cover. It was difficult to decide what book from our collection (we are super old school and have a ton of books) I wanted to photography for this prompt. I decided on this 1906 print hardcover edition of Call of the Wild by Jack London. I've never read this book, which strikes me as totally bananas, but I try not to be too hard on myself about not having read many of the classics. I often get overwhelmed with the thought that I will never be able to read all the books or see all the art in my lifetime. Ooof and also, how exciting?! So many wonderful things to discover. This book belonged to my father-in-law and was one of few possessions that he kept before he died. We have a small collection of early and first edition books from him, along with a beautiful vintage drafting table that I use everyday in my studio. I'm not exactly sure how or why all that seems right but it does. There was something very exacting in his nature and the drafting table seems to serve as a representation of his measured and very specific way of doing things. It's also heavy and labor intensive, and was a real challenge to figure out and put together. Again, that seems right. This book in particular seems to represent his affinity for something bigger. An adventure here on earth that served as preparation to something greater. A journey. A calling. A returning. That seems right too.

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