I've had this toolbox since my art school days. It first held my paintbrushes, along with a substantial tub of Yes Paste (if you know, then you know). Years later when I was working on the clinical hours for my psychotherapy license, I used it as a lunch box. In those days I was often running between two different training placements, home and school and sometimes back again. About 90% of my day was spent face to face with people, and I was exhausted. Two days a week, my placement was at California College of the Arts (CCA), at their San Francisco location. Back then, Potrero Hill was still pretty quiet and outside of the school and The Bottom of the Hill, not much was going on. On my CCA days, I packed a similar lunch of whatever was left over from dinner the night before, fresh fruit, and a snack size bag of Salt & Vinegar potato chips. Each day at lunch I would retreat to my car, parked on a quiet side street alongside of the school building. I'd open my metal lunchbox, take a deep breath, crack the windows just a bit, and listen to Fresh Air. I loved the quiet and the anonymity of that hour. Outside of Terry Gross, it was completely quiet. My favorite lunch days were when it would rain and I could hear the drops hitting the roof of my Subaru, then sliding down the windshield like a sheet of glass. Something between the sound of the rain and the radio was the perfect mix of mood. I still have the metal toolbox, although it hasn't held lunch in a long time. My paintbrushes have found a secure home once again, and they are joined by the ever important substantial tub of Yes Paste, and a few tubes of Lascaux Mars Black paint.

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