I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but somewhere along the way we ended up with a collection of license plates. It's funny how that happens sometimes, an unintentional collection. To be honest, it's not one of the collections in our home that I even really enjoy looking at, but there is a lot of family history in that metal and sometimes things like that are important to keep. Included in the collection is a Pennsylvania plate from the late 80's that belonged to my husband. It's one of the dark blue ones with the gold letters and says, You've got a friend in Pennsylvania. The second plate belonged to my grandfather Kingston. It's from 1953 and says US Armed Forces in Germany. He was stationed there in the early 50's and must have taken this with him when my dad and his family returned to the states. The last two plates belong to my dad's first motorcycle. The 1968 CA plate pictured is from the bike he purchased in California while stationed at Fort Ord before heading out to Vietnam. It was an electric blue Honda and I still remember him riding it when I was little. The other motorcycle plate is bright orange with navy blue letters and is from Nassau Community College, where my dad first took college classes after returning from the war. It's incredible to me that these seemingly meaningless metal plates can carry so much history. Such a good example of the meaning we put upon objects when we assign them a narrative.

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