This lovely little succulent was a clipping from my garden a few years back. It was rooted and since has turned into a much larger version of itself. I love that about succulents. They make the growth process seem so incredibly effortless.

Swipe to see the beautiful work by @bluehineart. She is so inspiring!

1. Homeschooling started back up in our home today after a two week break. It makes me laugh at how incredibly optimistic I can be. I had actually convinced myself that this run of it would be better. About 5 minutes in, it was clear I had been misled by my best intentions. I'm still laughing about it.

2. Outcomes, plans. expectations, certainty. Well, there it went right out the window. Such a struggle to keep things in place that just need to be surrendered. I ultimately reach the surrender phase, and feel much more liberated here, but shit if it doesn't take me a fierce phase of protest to arrive.

3. Friends are pretty much the best. I miss mine.

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