This flower fell from a tree on our property. When at its fullest bloom it is a beautiful deep pink. I love the paper thin quality of the petals this way. The depth of the browns and the curl of the edges. Toward the side you can still see a bit of its original color peeking through the petals. When I was thinking of my three things today, I imagine that they all center around change and process, much like the dried flower.

1. I think a lot about how this time at home and in isolation will manifest itself in my daughter. How it will change her outlook, influence her future decisions. Her bravery and inhibitions. I can't say for sure, but it will imprint on all of us in some way. I think less about how it will change me. But wonder mostly about her.

2. Moments of quiet interrupted by my kiddo laughing until her sides hurt while on a FaceTime playdate. Running through the house to different locations. Show and tell of the moths by our front door, the swing on the porch, the dogs. A cat. A new bike. Sunflower seeds. The vessel is new, but the sounds are the same.

3. Lots of grief yesterday. For us, for friends. All amplified by the news this morning that my beloved alma matter the San Francisco Art Institute is temporarily closing. Maybe forever closing. It's unclear. After 150 years, things fell apart. It's very sad and has impacted me in a way that I was not anticipating. It feels like a much deeper loss that it is. It's a school. No one died. But I'm grieving. Perhaps things dry up before they bloom again.

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