I was so delighted to be able to share an outside of the box image for this prompt. To be honest, I'm not sure how I would photograph our counters, perhaps a collection of items found near and around our kitchen sink. At any rate, I hope this wide interpretation of the prompt has allowed you to join me in coloring outside the lines so to speak :)

This stop watch belonged to my Uncle Jeff while he was in the Army. I never met Jeff, as he died in a car accident when he was 21. He and my dad were 18 months apart and very much what you would expect of two headstrong boys born barely over a year apart. They constantly tore the house apart, broke nearly everything in their path, and between the two of them got sent to the Principal's office so often my grandmother would send the Main Office receptionist a Christmas card each year.

I didn't know about Jeff until I was about 9 or so. My parents, never talked about him and the timeline of his death, which was mixed in with my dad returning from being in a hospital in Japan for 6 months during Vietnam, and ultimately their wedding was held close until decades later. None of these things were spoken about for a very long time, and it was just earlier this year that my dad and I went through all his film from the 1960's including Vietnam, Germany, Fort Ord, and San Francisco. It was fascinating and I got to see a few pictures of Jeff mixed in there, mostly from the Army. This stopwatch is one of three things that my dad has of Jeff's, all of which are connected to his life in the Army. The stopwatch, his dog tags, and the folded flag that was handed to my grandmother when he died are what remain.

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