You can never have enough tools. This is my weakness. I love tools. Metal, wood, modern, vintage. From scissors, to pencil sharpeners, to a table saw, yes please. Sign me up. These hammers all belonged to my grandfather Fa. There are more, but these are my favorite.

Swipe to see the beautiful painting @blushineart created from this image. Along with the next prompts.

1. Really trying to trust myself right now, but this still proves to be difficult.

2. It's hard to let go of old ways of doing things. I think we are all feeling that right now.

3. I worked as an Artist in Residence at UCSF Mount Zion before it became part of a world renowned cancer center. I worked with adults at the beginning of the end of life. Mostly cancer and AIDS patients. I remember a former patient telling me that the best part and the worst part of her day rubbed right up against each other. The best part of her day were the 10 seconds or so as she was waking up where she had forgotten she was dying. The worst part of her day were the few seconds that followed where she was reminded that she was sick. I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

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